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Crazy About 50’s Fashion

skirt2It was a wonderful time to be young—and crazy about fashion. It was 1956, and I was seventeen. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and Rita Hayworth were regulars on the cover of popular magazines. Audrey Hepburn was larger than life in the movies. They were beautiful, slim and famous.  I did everything I could to emulate them.  The fact that I lived in a tiny backwoods village in Canada did nothing to deter me.  Television had not yet arrived in our community, and radio was oblivious to fashion.  But my sisters and I had magazines, newspapers and catalogues at our disposal. Life, Time, Redbook and Eaton’s catalogue were the mainstay of our influences, and they fed our blossoming tastes in clothing, and gave us a springboard to the fashion world. read more

What Do Old People Worry About?

450px-The_Thinker,_RodinAs an elder, with the perspective gained from many years of successful living, you know there’s no point in worrying. No good ever comes from it—it usually makes things worse, not better.

While you know this on a conscious level, something may happen: an upset in the family, a health issue, an unexpected expense—and there you are, in the worry pit.

Some of you are better at handling worry than others. An article by Shirley Wang in the Wall Street Journal (based on research by Stephanie Brassen), suggests that some older people tend to be more emotionally mature than others, and have sound strategies they can apply. read more

Giving Advice—Who Really Wants it?

“Listen to your elder’s advice. Not because they are always right, but because they have more experience of being wrong.”

elder advice

Old people offer advice to spare younger people making wrong decisions that will cause them pain. We have the best of intentions—we want to help them make better choices that will guarantee better jobs, better partners, a better life. But do the younger generations pay attention? Do they really think we have anything to say? Do young people, with their minds and fingers engaged in playing video games or texting, have any respect for their grandparent who is struggling to use a cell phone? read more

The Value of Our Memories

Millions of thoughts and images pop in and out of our minds every second of every day. These are, or soon will be our memories—some recent and some from long ago. As we grow older, long-ago memories become dimmer, and some may take on the qualities of a dream. We may question whether or not what we remember really happened. Or we might recall fleeting scraps of the memory, and unsuccessfully struggle to bring them into focus. We might have the vague fear that it might be the beginning of Alzheimer’s, but it usually isn’t, we tell ourselves, everyone has this happen as they age. read more