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The Longevity Explosion


Long life is our greatest achievement. We, the Lucky Few, have lived longer than all previous generations.

In “Redesigning Long Life“, the Stanford Center on Longevity reports,

Over the next 30 years, the US population age 65+ will double from 40 million to 80 million, and the share of old people will increase from 13% to 20%. By the time the last baby boomer turns 65 in 2029, one in five Americans will be age 65 or older. By 2032, there will be more people age 65 or older than children under 15. read more

If Nobody Sees Us, Are We Still Here?

If-nobody-sees-usIt’s no secret that the young don’t see us. To them, we are invisible. We don’t turn up in magazines and newspapers, we are absent in television programs and news reports, and we are seldom featured in movies.  Life goes on around us, but we are increasingly not present in public life.  In the middle of a current political campaign in Canada, for instance, where hundreds of people line up behind the candidates as they speak, old people are seldom part of the audience, or interviewed for their opinion. read more

More Terms of Endearment

terms-of-endearReading to the end of a well-written article on Victorian antiques featured in our local daily newspaper, my eyes popped in mid- paragraph as I read,

“nothing makes me so sad as when I go into some little old dear’s home…”

Not only was the woman in question referred to as “dear”, (see my article, “Don’t Call Me Dear”) she was further insulted by the use of one other cringe-worthy adjective, “little”. The ”old”, I decided, could stay. It was the only acceptable term in the whole reference. read more

Living With Loss and Limitations

IMG_1751 Loss and LimitationsWhen you experience a loss, it changes you. You can adapt to it, you can absorb it and move on—or you can dwell on it and become embittered.

As you age, losses come in many guises, a friend or loved one may die, you might lose your financial power, or you might lose your independence. These losses are major, and your recovery may require considerable effort, such as going for counselling or retreating from life for a while.

From Runway to Real Life

My research for this post took me to Cassini, Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel, and back to Cassini.  Images for the fashions we wore as young women in the 1950s just don’t resonate accurately with the  pictures I see in historical references to the designers.

Long before we saw the fashions, we were attuned to them as part of magazine and newspaper publicity featuring runway models and designs. By the time the clothing arrived on the racks at Hudson’s Bay, Renfrews, Simpsons or in the pages of Eaton’s and Simpson-Sears catalogues, they were no doubt at least one or two seasons old. read more