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A Short Break

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to take a short break this week, and not post an article. It’s my first break in several months, but I’m not goofing off or resting!  I am working on a larger project for this blog, and will publish it in a few weeks. I’m hoping to complete a draft this week, and be ready to post a regular article again by next Sunday (December 6).  Somewhere in the mix, I hope to do some Christmas shopping!

Motivating Seniors to Exercise

What does it take to motivate seniors to exercise?

seniorsWhat driving force, deeply embedded in our senior brains causes some of us to put on our gym shoes and go for a brisk walk at 6 am? Or to get in the car and drive for 15 or 20 minutes to a gym just to spin around on a bike and lift a few weights? Or to put our bodies through a series of contortions at a yoga class?

Through the years, I have been a devotee of most of these exercise options—and added a few extras for good measure: qi gong, dancercise, zumba, walking clubs, and group gym workouts. read more

A Senior Remembers: The Perfect 1950s Turkey

thanksgiving turkeyI cooked a perfect turkey once. It was the 1950s, so I was trying hard to be perfect, like Margaret Anderson. Or June Cleaver. I prepared carefully for this, reading several cookbooks, clipping out recipes from magazines and newspapers, calling up my mother and big sister so I knew what advice to ignore.

All of the recipes I read were for a large, frozen turkey. Good. That was what was available in the Safeway where I shopped.  A small turkey would be too much like chicken, and a fresh turkey, even if I wanted one, was nowhere to be found. Besides, it looked like fresh turkeys were more likely to get salmonella, the dread disease we were all warned about. So I went for frozen. And large. read more

No Virginia, Sixty is NOT the New Forty

ageismYou’ve all seen them: the headlines, the advertising and articles designed to make you buy into the idea that aging is bad, and the boomer generation must stay young forever.

Sixty is the new forty!
You’re not getting older, you’re getting better!
15 ways to look and feel younger!
Five tips to stop the dreaded middle-age decline.
This super star model is 62, but easily passes for 39.
And this, my favourite:
“8 signs the incontinence aisle isn’t far off!”

Aging is bad.
You can fight it or you can laugh it off.
These slogans and headlines are culled from our contemporary literature—blogs, news items, and advertising that are the vanguard of our current thought. They urge us to deny the power and reality of aging. They admonish us to look and act young, and if we can’t, at least don’t look and act too blatantly, obviously old!
On one hand, they tell us that aging is horrible, it will diminish us, make us weak and ugly. We must fight it at all costs!
On the other hand they tell us that it isn’t that bad, if we just look at the bright side, if we just use nicer words, if we can just stay sweet, compliant, invisible. read more

The Piano Man—Going Strong at 81

I’m sitting among an audience of 80 people in Victoria’s Ambrosia Dinner Theatre, with a glass of white wine in front of me, waiting for the show to start. It’s my tenth time watching this show, and I’m happy that it’s a full house.

The lights dim, and people swing their chairs around to the stage, waiting for Bob to step into the lights. But that’s not what he does. Instead, a side door opens, and Bob enters at floor level. The audience sees him and begins to clap—I can tell this will be  a lively night, with an audience that is already eager and engaged. read more

Seniors-A Check-up Your Doctor Can’t Do

active seniorDo you, as a Pre-Boomer or Boomer, find yourself  doing something you suddenly realize can be bad for you?  Like snacking instead of making a balanced meal, sitting on the couch reading or doing paper work instead of going for a walk, watching television late into the evening—habits that conspire to sap your energy and undermine your physical and mental health?  These are unconscious behaviours that whittle away at the quality of your life.

Be Conscious

In her blog, the Aging Generalist, Margie explains what being conscious, or mindful means to her : read more