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Creativity And Age—Some Startling Truths

Creativity and AgeWhen I was younger, I delighted in the work of Grandma Moses. Imagine, I marveled, starting painting in your 70s!
Now, I just shrug, so what? She had a busy life. She was a live-in housekeeper, a wife, a mother of five, and a farmer. Although she painted throughout her life, she couldn’t take it seriously until she was in her mid-70s, and able to take time off from earning a living.
But compared to other older people, who suddenly emerge out of nowhere, to thrill and impress us with achievements at an advanced age, she was a youngster. read more

A Senior’s Early Years—The Old VW Van

VW Van
I owned a Volkswagen van once. We needed one for hauling seaweed for our organic garden, and carrying stuff around for our hobby farm. We knew there would be lots of them available—this was 1973, and many of the hippies who owned them were back now, from their travels in Mexico, where they could smoke marijuana without being arrested. So we checked every week in the want ads, and sure enough, we found one at the right price and in the right color, blue. It was a few miles away, in another town, so we packed a lunch, and my husband and I and our two small children took off for the day. If we liked it, we decided, I would drive the Renault back, and he would drive the van. read more

What if Ageist Thoughts Were Prison Bars?

ageist thoughtsThere you are, twenty-nine years old, planning your thirtieth birthday celebration, and the thought runs through your mind, “I’m getting old, tomorrow I’m going to be thirty.”

And suddenly, with a thud, there’s a steel bar lying at your feet. You think, “What’s this?” But you get used to being thirty, you are actually having a good time. And you don’t think about the steel bar— it just lies there.

A few years later, you notice your first grey hair. Hmmm, you think, my grandmother went grey at a very young age, by the time she was forty, she was completely grey, and by the time she was sixty, her hair was white. “Oh, Gawd, what if I have those genes?” In a flash, the second bar goes up, right there on top of the other one. But you ignore it and it just lies there too. read more

Is There Any Good News About Getting Older?

happy seniorLast week, I tried to find some good news stories about people who are older. My plan was to post them on Facebook, so I could publicize something positive about seniors.

I didn’t find any. Not one. Instead I found an article on Alzheimer’s, an article on how badly hospitals treat old people after surgery, and an article on poverty among seniors. I didn’t post those on my timeline. Stories like that get enough air.

I’m not brushing off the statistics on Alzheimer’s. They really concern me. Many of us are familiar with these numbers being touted in all the current print and on-line media, but here is a review: read more