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Our Dream Home in the Country

Dream Home

Our Dream Home

We bought a 100 year-old French Canadian farmhouse once. It wasn’t a wise thing to do. We knew that right away. But we had two small children, all of our belongings in a van, and no where to live. It was 1967 and Vancouver Island, where my husband had just accepted a job, was suddenly overwhelmed with new residents.

We talked to the owner of the coffee shop, as we were having lunch.
“Happened overnight,” he said, “Hardly anyone living here for years, then suddenly, people all over the place, looking to settle down. Must be the Centennial. Never should have printed all those damned brochures.” read more

Still the Lucky Few Newsletter-April 2016

Dear Readers of Still the Lucky Few,

It is almost a year since I launched this blog—a good time to send you my first newsletter! I won’t commit myself to a regular schedule for this, but will write you whenever I feel there is something regarding my blog that I’d like you to know.

Thank you everyone!

First, a big thank you to my regular readers, and especially to those of you who add your comments after reading a post. Comments are the bread and butter of a blog. They are the measure of how much you have enjoyed an article, and how much it has resonated with you. For most bloggers, me included, comments keeps us connected to the human race, rather than feeling that we are toiling alone in a dark, cold attic! read more

Late Bloomers: Is it Ever Too Late?

late bloomersThere’s a difference between late bloomers, and talented older achievers.

Late bloomers arrived late to the party. You can say they procrastinated, dawdled, straggled, lagged behind. Some of them didn’t know what they wanted to do. Some didn’t believe they could do anything. Some tried earlier and failed. Some didn’t try at all until they were old. People called them dilettantes, and laggards. Late Bloomers have many different explanations for why they didn’t succeed at their craft when they were young. But they have one thing in common—once they became older and decided to start, they didn’t stop. Once they realized what they could do, they were on fire. read more

A Senior Remembers: A Near Tragedy In Our Wellies


Wellies (Wellington Boots)

Even before I open my eyes, I can hear my mother humming. She is singing softly, so she won’t wake us up,

“You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.”
And not only that. I can hear birds outside, chirping.
Right away I know it is going to be an exciting day.
I wake up quickly and slip out of bed. When I pass the open window, I can feel the air coming in, so soft and warm. It fluffs up against my cheeks as I peek out and hold my face up to the screen. read more

Older Adults: Access the Gift of Creativity!

creativity of older adultsWhether you are 60, 70, 80, or even 90, you can use your brain in such a way that this period in your life becomes your happiest and most productive.

It begins with an unguarded moment. We have all had the experience of letting our mind wander, and daydreaming about doing something entirely new. One day we are living an ordinary life—expending our energies just existing, taking care of every-day commitments and chores. The next day, a new possibility pops into our brain, and we allow ourselves to think about it—exploring tentatively at first, returning to it through the day, looking it up online, reading books about it, perhaps even talking about it. read more