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Happenings in Paradise – A Surprise Reaction

happenings-with-title-boldDistance was measured in time in Paris. If you had to walk from your house to the post office, it was 10 minutes. If you had to walk from there to the school, it was 12 minutes. And if you had to go from the school to the tiny building that housed the Paris Bulletin, it was about 15 minutes. If you had a watch, which Norma didn’t, you could time it accurately, and never be late for anything.

Guessing the time, and ensuring she wasn’t late for her appointment with Mr. McCaskill was the easy part. The hard part was getting through the Sunday that followed his phone call, and making it through her five classes on Monday. At last she was on her way, and only a few minutes from “getting it over and done with”. read more

Family Reunion, Summer of 2016

I am entering the dining room at June’s invitation, along with my four sisters and brother, expecting to have lunch as part of the family reunion.

“We’ll seat all of the siblings first,”, she says, and we follow along, like we always did, after all, she is the eldest sister. What I don’t notice at first, but what dawns on me moments later, is that there are only seven plates set out, at an event that should host 22.

“This is just for us, the others are eating on the patio.” she tells us, ladling out the borscht, a soup our mother served us in our farm kitchen, some 55 years ago. read more

Happenings in Paradise – Power of the Pen

happenings-with-title-boldIn Paris, the rest of the village was living their regular lives, waking up this Saturday morning to the sound of birds in the backyard, dogs barking at each other across the gravelled streets. The men who owned businesses would usually be the only ones moving about, some of them jumping into their cars and pickups to prepare their stores for the public, some of them, like Mr. Jason, who owned the dry goods store, would be heading off to Joe’s to meet up with the six or seven guys for an early morning coffee. read more

The Happiest People on the Planet

happiestIt appears that we older people are the happiest generation in history. Study after study says that we are. Our aging faces may not reflect this, but it’s true—we older people are considerably happier than younger people and certainly happier than people who are middle-aged. It seems that when it comes to the feel good chemicals like serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins, we are practically junkies.

This is well documented.  Meg Selig, in a report for Psychology Today (2015) writes, read more