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Pattern Dystrophy—The Eyes Have It


Pattern dystrophy. It’s a strange name for an ocular condition, sounds more like a fashion accoutrement, but it’s real, and I have it.

I first learned about this rare disorder thirty years ago, while in my early forties. I noticed that edges of objects had become wavy, and letters of print were crooked, as if chunks of them were missing. I’d check it out by looking at the edge of a doorway or wall. Sure enough, there were tiny bites in the straight lines!

A disastrous diagnosis

My first diagnosis, which was given on a Friday (never a good idea), sent me spiralling. read more

Happenings in Paradise – Norma, the Professional

happenings-with-title-boldNorma’s elation lasted for days. Suddenly, it seemed, opportunities for reporting opened up in front her. McCaskill, her adversary, sharp tongued, flippant, never caring where his remarks landed, was now her champion and friend.

“Not bad”, he would say, scanning the new copy she had pushed across his desk, “Looks like you concentrated on the facts.”
Running his nicotine stained thumb along the left edge of the paper, and holding it up so she could trace his progress, he mumbled as he read. read more

Reverse Mortgages – Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain?

Reverse Mortgage

Like a sleeping giant, the issue of reverse mortgages has been relatively dormant, although I’ve been aware of this type of financial product for years, through television ads that show couples in their sixties cooing about how they can get money in their pockets, travel the world, renovate their homes, and still have some left over for their heirs—but the reverse mortgage always seemed to lurk on the fringes of financial advertising, never the mainstream.

This all changed this summer, when celebrities like Tom Selleck and Harry Winkler appeared on prime time television selling, you’ve got it—reverse mortgages. Really? Tom Selleck, wearing his signature suit and vest, and speaking in the weighty tones of Commissioner Reagan, informing us not about our Miranda rights, but about a financial package? And the Fonz, abandoning his cool for a sales pitch? read more

Hallowe’en at the Little Schoolhouse

Hallowe'enMy sisters, June and April, are walking with me to school. We love school, so every day is exciting. But today is more exciting than ever. Every day, when we get to school, there is a new date on the chalkboard, up high up at the very top. Yesterday, Mrs. Brick printed it in coloured chalk! She wrote out October 29, 1947. It was in orange and yellow and purple. Us kids never saw coloured chalk before, so the whole school was watching her do this, (except for Eddie and Johnny, who were playing marbles under their desks). read more