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Why Older Voters Choose Donald Trump

Volunteer gives an I Voted sticker to an elderly female voter.

In the waning days of this bitter presidential campaign, while candidates slog it out in a final mud bath of vitriol, let’s go back to how it all began—or at least how we think it all began.

Several attempts were made, during the early phase of the campaign, to identify the average supporters of Donald Trump; to focus on their similarities, and to discover why they attended his rallies in the thousands to listen to his enraged rhetoric.

Analysts had a field day examining the underlying conditions which may have spurred such a ground swell of social expression, a ‘movement’ as Trump slyly and accurately named it as early as last spring. read more

Driverless cars are coming – Should older people care?

self driving electronic computer car on road, 3d illustration

People of my generation are old enough to have known the automobile in its infancy. We remember a car that had to be cranked with a handle in order to start—and once moving, was temperamental, cramped and offered a bumpy ride.

We took this discomfort in stride. We appreciated the miracle, the absolute wonder of being able to move through the countryside in something other than a horse drawn wagon. And how taking hours to travel a few miles was never considered a hardship.

Some of us recall the coming-of-age experience of buying our first car. Others, living in the newly-built suburbs of the 1950s,  remember the convenience of driving a car (instead of taking a train) to get to work. And families, moving to the city from farming communities, considered the car, not only a necessity, but a symbol of freedom and status. read more

3% Unemployment – I Remember It Well

Gorlovka, Ukraine - February, 26, 2014: Miners mine named after Kalinin work shift

It’s like a fairy tale from long ago – “Once upon a time, in our Western economies, there was 3% unemployment…”

It’s a far cry from today, as the US descends into the ugliest political contest we have ever known. Issues are ignored as the behavior of one of the two candidates dominates center stage. So it’s important not to forget the economic sentiments that underscored this campaign in the first place:

1. Job market displacement of non-college educated white men, fear that Mexican migrants will take more of their jobs, and one man’s uncanny grasp of the depth of their anger. (Trump) read more

Happenings in Paradise – The Telephone Call

happenings-with-title-boldNorma cautiously lifted the telephone and dialed the operator, carefully deciphering Mrs. Jason’s writing . She wasn’t used to the telephone, and was afraid she would make a mistake and waste money calling a wrong number. She asked the operator to make the call ‘person to person’, so that she wouldn’t be paying for the time she was waiting. On the few occasions when Norma made a long distance call,  she tried to reach her party quickly, then have that person phone her back. No one minded this. They all knew she had very little money. And the operator always agreed to call her back once she hung up, to give her the cost of the initial call.  read more

An Older Person Remembers – A Seafood Feast

Cousins on the Veranda

Cousins on the Veranda

My big sister and her family came for a visit once. I always called her my big sister, even though she was only two inches taller than me. But June was three years older than I was, and as long as I can remember she knew a lot of things I didn’t know. Like how to clean windows, and how to cook from a recipe.

She and her husband Matt are in their trailer right now sleeping, tired from the long day we had yesterday. Their two children, Jayne and Mark, are already in the big house, playing with my two children, Andy and Chrissy-Jane. read more