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How to Survive the New Political Reality

It’s almost three weeks in, and we’re still standing. I’ve done a lot of binge-watching about the new political reality in the US, checking in on CNN and CBC morning, noon and night, reading blogs about the election, writing about it, talking about it—I believe it’s critical to world safety that we all keep pace with it. But I’m pulling back this week, taking stock, looking at my life.

The first thing I notice is the stack of unopened letters on my desk, statements, advertisements, nothing overdue or out of date, but hey. Next, I squint a little and see the dust that’s collected on my furniture. And the outside windows are a disgrace, obscuring my view of the world, which is a bit gloomy right now. Clean,windows would help—even though the sparkling outlook only lasts until the next storm. read more

The World Watches as Obamacare Under Attack

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It’s less than two weeks since the US election, and already President-Elect Trump and his team have waffled on many of the threats made during the campaign—yet his new administration still seems bent on keeping its promise to repeal Obamacare.

Flush with victory and feeling magnanimous, Trump has rolled back other threats: he no longer wants to jail Hillary, he says, the wall he promised will probably be more like a fence, and the swamp he wanted drained has turned out to be his primary source of staff appointments. Why then, is repealing Obamacare still on his agenda, and the rhetoric against it more vociferous than ever? read more

An Emerging Picture of Donald Trump’s Voting Base

3D Illustration Ballot box in shape of USA map with flag superimposed. Ballot paper containing Democratic party logo in slot. All on blue background with stars.

With the shock of Donald Trump’s seismic win still settling like volcanic ash in  America, a clearer picture of his voting base is beginning to emerge.

Months of mounting frustration over the misinformation and false leads about who actually supports him is giving way to a better understanding of the people who quietly entered the voting booths with a predetermined intention of shaking their country to its core.

These were not necessarily the angry, vocal mobs who went to Trump rallies and shouted offensive slogans, although those people translated into Trump votes as well. These were the millions who went about their daily lives, who muttered about the direction their country was taking, and who didn’t tell a soul about what was in their hearts. read more

A Visit at the Farm

happenings-with-title-boldExcept for the cat, the kitchen was empty when Norma arrived downstairs, following the whiff of coffee that drifted up to her room. It was such a luxury to have her mother do things for her, she thought, as she lifted the pot and poured herself a generous cup.

And Katya! She reached for the cat on its fridge-top perch and tugged her off, sticking her nose into her deep winter-pile coat. “Mmmm, mmm!” she was still cuddling her when her mother appeared through the mud room door, her coat undone and her boots unzipped. read more