Monthly Archives: December 2016

A Holiday Greeting to My Followers!

Thank you to all of my followers for making this year an extraordinary one! I have been so gratified to have you visit my blog regularly, and to post thoughtful, sometimes challenging and sometimes funny comments. You made me laugh. You made me think!

You helped me to feel connected while doing this work, which can be lonely and isolating.
I wish you all the best as you celebrate this time of year. May you have good health, happiness and an abundance of love in 2017.

I have many new writing ideas for my blog next year, and hope that I can entertain you, bring you a unique perspective, and contribute to your life in some way. I’ll be back in 2017, after a rest and a few days of celebration and reflection. read more

Eureka! It’s Time to Light up the Christmas Tree!

This week my husband went downstairs to the storage room to bring up our boxes of Christmas tree decorations. It takes real commitment to do this every year. After all, we know what those boxes contain—glass balls without the metal hangers, garlands with last year’s needles still attached, and messes (I mean masses) of Christmas tree lights carelessly tossed in and destined for a sorting out, (which never happens).

And we’re late, red and green Christmas lights went up on our Parliament buildings across the harbor two weeks ago, the conical imitation trees are already scattered around the city, reminding everyone that Christmas is just around the corner. Not to mention my condo neighbors, who put up their usual display of astoundingly beautiful decorations inside and outside of their unit in late November. But the urgency I feel this year is a little different. read more

It’s Christmas—Let’s Talk About Love

Let’s put aside the hateful political rhetoric that has dominated the news for months. Let’s stop speculating about the fearsome cabinet picks of the new president-elect—especially those who have a hate-based reputation.  And let’s stop giving air space to the “fake news” that is currently poking it’s head out of the underground passages of the internet.

After all, it’s the season of peace and goodwill—the season of love. And ultimately, everything we do in preparing for Christmas is for someone we love: read more

Christmas, Cabooses, Cars—And Change!

Change, Same Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Today marks the three week deadline to Christmas, stores have been clamoring about it for weeks, emotional pressure is building up, and once again, I wonder what I can change to make preparations easier. Two years ago, I edited my Christmas card list, last year I halved my gift buying, this year I’m thinking about not sending parcels—sending money instead. Each adjustment comes with its own brand of guilt and regret.

But change is a constant in the lives of humans, and being adaptable is what keeps us going. This week I heard about an event that makes my minor Christmas adjustments pale in comparison—an announcement about a pilot project bringing driverless cars to Ontario, a province in our country. This is a significant event for me, since I’ve only recently become aware of driverless cars. read more