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How Viral Sharing Powered the Women’s March

As millions of women, men and children in cities across the world streamed home after the Women’s March against Donald Trump on January 21, they felt what most people would feel after being part of such a monumental event: tired, exhilarated, somehow blessed. They knew they had been a part of something staggering, a bringing together of people in  massive record-breaking crowds. It was, they felt, one of humanity’s finest hours.

For days, the news showed happy throngs, many of them young, meeting, losing each other, reconnecting by iphone, expressing their joy and wonder that their concerns were shared. Jubilant in the message that bound them, not even aware of how it came about, and taking for granted that this sort of thing can happen in the era of social media. read more

MOOC: Finally! A Revolution in Education.

While the public swoons over the arrival of the latest smart watch and FitBit, and the newest smart phone is your grandchild’s constant obsession, another quieter, more lasting revolution is unfolding in the technological world. It comes in the form of MOOC, which stands for Massive Open Online Courses, and promises a sea change in the most basic of our public needs.

Accessible education for all, the stuff that academics and students dream about, has arrived without fanfare or the benefit of a trade show. We shouldn’t be surprised—just as the Internet has invaded corporate and government domination over the communication and music industries, it has now set its sights on one of the most change-resistant public services ever, college education, threatening to make it virtually free, and to end that monopoly for all time. read more

Sensational! The CES Trade Show in Las Vegas

If I was a guest at the CES trade show in Las Vegas last week, I know I’d be wandering the aisles and hallways, boggle eyed, like a deer in the headlights.

Unlike fellow blogger, Lois Whitman, who has attended every one of the CES conferences through its 50 years of existence, and has the presence of mind to blog about it brilliantly (DigiDame), I would be overwhelmed. Maybe I’d even skip the whole thing and go to the beach (kidding—it’s a 5 hour drive!).

CES, is an international electronics show, which showcases what’s new, what is coming up, and what some of the world’s noteworthy scientists are thinking. Here is a description from its website: read more

The Two Faces of Artificial Intelligence

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about driverless cars (guided by artificial intelligence), and how they would impact employment, a burning issue during the recent US presidential campaign. Until then, I had never given much thought to artificial intelligence (AI). Of course I’d heard of it, but shrugged it off as movie mania that I had to endure in science fiction previews at the movies. But driverless cars took me to other aspects of the AI world, and I found myself drawn to the hundreds of articles and books on the subject. Now I’m hooked, and it’s a bit late to go back. read more

Happy 2017! What’s in Store For Us This Year?

I want to wish you a Happy New Year more personally this year, so I’ve created this short video, which I hope will give you a better idea of who I am, and what I hope to offer in this blog in 2017.

I’m a member of the Silent Generation, born just before the second world war. I started this blog two years ago in order to discuss what is important about my age group, and what we can do to keep our memory and contributions alive. Many of us had hardships, and did without privileges during our youth, but once we reached adulthood, we were privy to the fastest growing and most stable economy and job situation ever. We had what we wished our children could build upon. read more