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This blogroll includes only the blogs I visit regularly. I have subscribed to all of them. Most of them, as you will see, are built on WordPress platforms, and are included for ease of reading and ease of commenting. I have few rules for them—only that they are intended for an “Elder” audience, are non-commercial and profanity free. I feel it’s important, as well, to blog regularly. I frequently review this list—if you wish to have your blog included, please email me at

Aging Generalist –

Any Shiny Thing –    

Aunt Beulah –

Cathy @ Still Waters –

Cheerful Monk –

Changing Aging –

Clearing the Space –

Clive Blogs –

Digi Dame –

Ellouisestory –

Fragments From Floyd –

Haddon Musings –

Help! Aging Parents –

Jane’s Journals –

Life Lessons –

Maddy At Home –

Maggie Turner: Page By Page –

Mary Muncil White Feather Farm –

Old Ain’t Dead –

Pied Type –

Pilgrim’s Moon

Post Work Savvy –

Pressing Pause –

Ramona’s Voices –

Reflections and Nightmares – –

The House of Mars –  

The 70 Something Blog –

The Summerhouse Years –

Things Could Be Worse –

This Chair Rocks –

Time Goes By –

Yeah Another Blogger –

Lakeland Musings –




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