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Vibrant Health—Yours at Any Age!

The statistics are stunning. Current research on the impact of exercise on health, tracking 660,000 people from the United States and Sweden, and using 150 minutes of moderate walking per week as a guideline, says that participants, who were compared to people who didn’t exercise at all, had a 20% lower risk of dying during the follow-up period of up to 14 years.

A recent article in The American Journal of Medicine, reporting on the work of Dr. Harvey B. Simon, who analyzed several studies, says that even moderate physical activity of one hour a week pointed to lower rates of heart attack, stroke and death from all causes. read more

A Holiday Greeting to My Followers!

Thank you to all of my followers for making this year an extraordinary one! I have been so gratified to have you visit my blog regularly, and to post thoughtful, sometimes challenging and sometimes funny comments. You made me laugh. You made me think!

You helped me to feel connected while doing this work, which can be lonely and isolating.
I wish you all the best as you celebrate this time of year. May you have good health, happiness and an abundance of love in 2017.

I have many new writing ideas for my blog next year, and hope that I can entertain you, bring you a unique perspective, and contribute to your life in some way. I’ll be back in 2017, after a rest and a few days of celebration and reflection. read more

The World Watches as Obamacare Under Attack

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It’s less than two weeks since the US election, and already President-Elect Trump and his team have waffled on many of the threats made during the campaign—yet his new administration still seems bent on keeping its promise to repeal Obamacare.

Flush with victory and feeling magnanimous, Trump has rolled back other threats: he no longer wants to jail Hillary, he says, the wall he promised will probably be more like a fence, and the swamp he wanted drained has turned out to be his primary source of staff appointments. Why then, is repealing Obamacare still on his agenda, and the rhetoric against it more vociferous than ever? read more

Reverse Mortgages – Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain?

Reverse Mortgage

Like a sleeping giant, the issue of reverse mortgages has been relatively dormant, although I’ve been aware of this type of financial product for years, through television ads that show couples in their sixties cooing about how they can get money in their pockets, travel the world, renovate their homes, and still have some left over for their heirs—but the reverse mortgage always seemed to lurk on the fringes of financial advertising, never the mainstream.

This all changed this summer, when celebrities like Tom Selleck and Harry Winkler appeared on prime time television selling, you’ve got it—reverse mortgages. Really? Tom Selleck, wearing his signature suit and vest, and speaking in the weighty tones of Commissioner Reagan, informing us not about our Miranda rights, but about a financial package? And the Fonz, abandoning his cool for a sales pitch? read more

A Short Break

Hello Everyone!

I have decided to take a short break this week, and not post an article. It’s my first break in several months, but I’m not goofing off or resting!  I am working on a larger project for this blog, and will publish it in a few weeks. I’m hoping to complete a draft this week, and be ready to post a regular article again by next Sunday (December 6).  Somewhere in the mix, I hope to do some Christmas shopping!