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A Christmas Greeting For 2017

My Christmas greeting is a big Thank You to you, my readers, for motivating me to search for new and compelling topics each week, for keeping me on my toes, and staying conscious in my writing. I value your thoughtful comments, and occasional challenges.

You always let me know when I have piqued your interest, or inspired you, or expressed views that are different from yours. Thank you for your directness and honesty!

I started my 2016 writing immersed in the whirlwind of the American election, when a new government had taken hold, and frightened us all with its invective. And I got right into it too, as you can see from those January posts—but eventually I tried to move away from that focus, and present a more optimistic world view. read more

Voting Preferences of Canadian Seniors

dreamstime_s_42038718We are only days away from an election which will determine many aspects of our day to day lives for the next four years and beyond. As a senior voter, do you feel empowered? Are you hoping for a change in leadership? Or do you feel that it will be the “same old, same old”, and that nothing changes with a new government anyway?

You Are Part of a Very Influential Group

In actual fact, you, as a member of the oldest demographic in Canada have many reasons to feel that we can affect change. Statistics Canada reports that 1.9 million people aged 65 to 74 voted during the 2011 federal election. We have the highest voter turnout percentage of all age groups during federal elections —up to 75.1 in 2011, and 77.5 percent in 2006. For people 75 and older, the percentage was a very healthy 60.3%. read more