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Why the Media’s Messages Matter to Old People

Old people get a raw deal in television and in the movies. We don’t make a fuss about this, because as we age, we become conditioned to the themes and images that flood the media, and bombard us with their messages. That’s just entertainment, we think—it’s not meant to depict real life.

But if we stop for a minute, and analyze the performances in front of us, we may become aware that there is rarely anyone in these presentations that vaguely resembles us.

If you wonder why this is important, researchers say that we are influenced by media, and respond to how it portrays us. Older characters don’t show up very much in the media we view, and when they do, they are shown in ageist or stereotypical roles, frequently ridiculed. read more

If Nobody Sees Us, Are We Still Here?

If-nobody-sees-usIt’s no secret that the young don’t see us. To them, we are invisible. We don’t turn up in magazines and newspapers, we are absent in television programs and news reports, and we are seldom featured in movies.  Life goes on around us, but we are increasingly not present in public life.  In the middle of a current political campaign in Canada, for instance, where hundreds of people line up behind the candidates as they speak, old people are seldom part of the audience, or interviewed for their opinion. read more