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Why the Media’s Messages Matter to Old People

Old people get a raw deal in television and in the movies. We don’t make a fuss about this, because as we age, we become conditioned to the themes and images that flood the media, and bombard us with their messages. That’s just entertainment, we think—it’s not meant to depict real life.

But if we stop for a minute, and analyze the performances in front of us, we may become aware that there is rarely anyone in these presentations that vaguely resembles us.

If you wonder why this is important, researchers say that we are influenced by media, and respond to how it portrays us. Older characters don’t show up very much in the media we view, and when they do, they are shown in ageist or stereotypical roles, frequently ridiculed. read more

Does Social Media Help Old People Feel Less Lonely?

Remember when people speculated that social media would produce a population of isolates, working alone in a room, disconnected from the rest of humanity? And if lonely older people took up social media, they would become even more lonely and depressed? Well, speculate no more—older adults, just like the rest of humanity, have climbed aboard the social media band wagon, and the results are overwhelmingly positive. In fact, older people, once they try Skype, Facebook or other electronic platforms, become enthusiasts, accounting for a substantial jump in use in just ten years. read more

Ouch! Must Be a Change in the Weather!

fallRemember when your great-aunt or grandfather walked around some days so stiff and sore that they could hardly get around? Yet, on other days, they were full of bounce and energy. Are they putting us on, we wondered?

Turns out they probably weren’t. Lately we have learned that as the barometric pressure in the atmosphere changes, the barometric pressure in our joints changes as well. In a study of the weather’s effects on chronic pain patients, Dr. Robert Newlin Jamison (Harvard Medical School) discovered that among all people interviewed about their chronic pain: read more