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When Spring Finally Comes, Will You Be Happy?

It’s been a long, grueling winter in some parts of the Northern Hemisphere, but Spring is just around the corner, we hear. Is it really just around the corner, (it’s only mid-February) and when it arrives, will it make us forget winter, and be happy? Looking forward to spring, and expecting to feel better when it arrives is not a new thing. People have always done that—along with giving Spring some mystical powers.

So what is it about spring that fascinates us, and stirs us, and makes some of want to jump for joy? read more

Oh, Those January Blues!

January, rain, weather, Blues, SADIt’s January, here in the Pacific North West. It’s the tail end of a 3 month period of precious little sunlight, and I think it’s getting to me. I wake early, as I always do, full of optimism and ambition, and then I remember. Oh, yeah, the weather.

I hesitate, just for a moment, and then, in a band-aid ripping motion, I snap the blinds open. Just as always lately, it’s another grey, shapeless, sunless day in Victoria.

This morning, I decided to test my thesis about our lack of sunshine. My first comparison was with other cities in Canada. A few key strokes, and I had the verdict: read more

A Senior Remembers: A Near Tragedy In Our Wellies


Wellies (Wellington Boots)

Even before I open my eyes, I can hear my mother humming. She is singing softly, so she won’t wake us up,

“You are my Sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are grey.”
And not only that. I can hear birds outside, chirping.
Right away I know it is going to be an exciting day.
I wake up quickly and slip out of bed. When I pass the open window, I can feel the air coming in, so soft and warm. It fluffs up against my cheeks as I peek out and hold my face up to the screen. read more