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A Late Summer Break

It’s the end of summer, and a good time to take a break. The mornings are a little cooler now, and although the days and evenings are still warm and hazy, I can feel fall and winter in the air. So, I’m going to slow down, and savor what’s left of this summer!

For two and a half years since I started this blog, my first thought each morning and my last thought each night was writing for this blog. It’s been an obsession, and a great pleasure! It’s hard to believe that I’ve written 120 articles with no concern about running out of things to write about. It is an interesting world, full of important and urgent issues, which call for attention, research, and consideration. One idea leads to another, one hundred and twenty issues down, hundreds more to go! read more

Happenings in Paradise-The Letter

happenings-with-title-boldNorma and Doreen moved languorously through those first days of summer. Trying to get the worst out of the way, they rushed to finish their daily chores, spurred by an urgency to spend their extra hours together. In Norma’s family, ‘helping out’ was a well established tradition: Norma and her brother James were given chores from the time they were five or six, expected to do little jobs like wiping dishes or loading the firebox without being reminded. Now that they were older, they were supposed to dedicate a few hours every day to the endless work on the farm—there was always so much to do. This summer, James worked at a neighbor’s farm in addition to his own chores, tilling fields and clearing weeds whenever they needed a hand. This was a matter of great pride to James, and a source of great irritation to Norma. read more