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Honor the Memory of a Loved One with a Home Memorial Service

This week’s article is written by guest writer, Teresa Greenhill, who has an interest in mental health. She is the co-creator of MentalHealthForSeniors.com,  which is dedicated to providing seniors with information on physical and mental fitness so that they can be active and happy in their later years.
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Losing a loved one is difficult. Yet, amid the painful loss, you want to give your loved one the greatest honor. A memorial service at home can be a special and meaningful way to express love and respect for the deceased.

Although the terms funeral service and memorial service are often used interchangeably, they are not synonymous. Unlike in a memorial service, the body of the deceased is present during a funeral service.

Why a memorial service?

It can be emotional to let go until you feel that you have appropriately honored the deceased. A memorial service gives you an opportunity to celebrate the life lived by the deceased. It is an opportunity to come together with friends and family to share the memories of the beloved and say goodbye. read more

Reverse Mortgages – Short Term Gain for Long Term Pain?

Reverse Mortgage

Like a sleeping giant, the issue of reverse mortgages has been relatively dormant, although I’ve been aware of this type of financial product for years, through television ads that show couples in their sixties cooing about how they can get money in their pockets, travel the world, renovate their homes, and still have some left over for their heirs—but the reverse mortgage always seemed to lurk on the fringes of financial advertising, never the mainstream.

This all changed this summer, when celebrities like Tom Selleck and Harry Winkler appeared on prime time television selling, you’ve got it—reverse mortgages. Really? Tom Selleck, wearing his signature suit and vest, and speaking in the weighty tones of Commissioner Reagan, informing us not about our Miranda rights, but about a financial package? And the Fonz, abandoning his cool for a sales pitch? read more

Our Dream Home in the Country

Dream Home

Our Dream Home

We bought a 100 year-old French Canadian farmhouse once. It wasn’t a wise thing to do. We knew that right away. But we had two small children, all of our belongings in a van, and no where to live. It was 1967 and Vancouver Island, where my husband had just accepted a job, was suddenly overwhelmed with new residents.

We talked to the owner of the coffee shop, as we were having lunch.
“Happened overnight,” he said, “Hardly anyone living here for years, then suddenly, people all over the place, looking to settle down. Must be the Centennial. Never should have printed all those damned brochures.” read more