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New Study—Millennials Speak their Minds!

It’s only a matter of time. The massive Millennial generation born between 1980 and 2002, is waking up, and waiting for its moment to change the political landscape of America.

Popular notions, many of them negative, have been circulating in leading newspapers and online media everywhere over the past few years. I’ve been following the discussion as well, and wrote about them in recent blogs, here and here.

Attention and controversy have followed the Millennials, ever since they emerged as the biggest population group in American history. read more

How to Survive the New Political Reality

It’s almost three weeks in, and we’re still standing. I’ve done a lot of binge-watching about the new political reality in the US, checking in on CNN and CBC morning, noon and night, reading blogs about the election, writing about it, talking about it—I believe it’s critical to world safety that we all keep pace with it. But I’m pulling back this week, taking stock, looking at my life.

The first thing I notice is the stack of unopened letters on my desk, statements, advertisements, nothing overdue or out of date, but hey. Next, I squint a little and see the dust that’s collected on my furniture. And the outside windows are a disgrace, obscuring my view of the world, which is a bit gloomy right now. Clean,windows would help—even though the sparkling outlook only lasts until the next storm. read more