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Anger and Despair at Sears Canada

Christmas flyers are out—it’s time to hit the mall! Always a  shopping procrastinator, this year I decided to have an early start. So last weekend, we went to Sears, which as you might have heard, is closing.

Sears Canada is not having a dignified ending, rather it’s a dismal affair—the grand old store is embroiled in gossip, showing little goodwill, and displaying behavior that denies its glorious past.

There was lots of warning. Recently, bad press has swirled around Sears Canada. News that it was closing its subsidiary store, KMart, hit first, and then there was the bombshell that its top executives were leaving, always a bad sign. read more

3% Unemployment – I Remember It Well

Gorlovka, Ukraine - February, 26, 2014: Miners mine named after Kalinin work shift

It’s like a fairy tale from long ago – “Once upon a time, in our Western economies, there was 3% unemployment…”

It’s a far cry from today, as the US descends into the ugliest political contest we have ever known. Issues are ignored as the behavior of one of the two candidates dominates center stage. So it’s important not to forget the economic sentiments that underscored this campaign in the first place:

1. Job market displacement of non-college educated white men, fear that Mexican migrants will take more of their jobs, and one man’s uncanny grasp of the depth of their anger. (Trump) read more