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Are Some of Our Memories Lost Forever?

Why do some experiences become memories, to be savored again and again, while others slip unnoticed into the dark recesses of our minds? It’s a question we don’t often consider as we go about our lives, and it isn’t until later, when we try to recall something, that we realize it might be completely gone.

We had this discussion last week, when my adult children came to Thanksgiving dinner, and the subject of childhood memories came up. As we compared notes, it was clear that each of us had a different ‘take’ on some events we all experienced. read more

A Senior’s Early Years—Floor Tiling For Dummies


I tiled a hallway floor once. It was the 1960s, so there was no internet or YouTube to tell me what to do. I had to go to the hardware store and talk to the guy who sold paint. He didn’t know anything about tiling floors, but he knew a lot about paint. He wanted to know what the flooring was in the hallway. I told him it was old linoleum, over old hardwood. “Why don’t you just paint over the whole shebang?” he asked.

So I went to the library and read a manual on tiling. It told me what tiles to buy, how to glue them down and what to put between the spaces. I measured the floor and tried to figure out how many tiles I would need, exactly like the manual said. It was complicated. I wasn’t very good at math, so I took out my old math book from grade 8, and turned to “Solving Problems”. But I couldn’t find anything about tiling. Instead I learned about ball caps: read more